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Don't Release Your Goldfish Into the Wild

Here's a friendly reminder that releasing pets into the wild, whether it be snakes, birds or fish is -- overall -- is a stupid thing to do.

Case in point: A Twin Cities lake is grappling with a mighty big goldfish problem.

You might be thinking if goldfish are native to the area, but, rest assured -- they most certainly are not. The fish are Asian imports, if you must know, so they're definitely not from Big Woods Lake, Minnesota.

Duluth News Tribune reports that someone, or a group of people, grew tired of taking care of a pet fish so, what did they do? Chucked them into the lake in hopes of letting the little golden creature live out the rest of its short life in the murky Minnesota waters.

Well, that therein lies the problem.

Goldfish are extremely hardy animals and can survive in nearly any habitat -- and that particular lake proved to be a literal paradise for the little swimmers. So, they bred like crazy and, soon enough, overtook the ecosystem.

Now, the area is working its butt off to remove the super invasive fish that have taken a liking to the worsening the water's quality and having babies left and right. Just the other day, workers pulled 50,000 goldfish from the waters and plan on going back for more.

Staff might even resort to electrofishing, using an electric current to stun the fish, in order to rope in their exploding population. The Carver County Water Management Organization says the efforts are part of a three-year plan of attack to rid goldfish from Big Woods Lake once and for all.

The first goldfish discovered in the lake was last year, to give you an idea just how fast these guys populate. So, don't release your fish in the wild.

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