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Holiday Home Trends Report

While the holiday season will inevitably look different this year, with fewer holiday parties and limited gatherings, that doesn’t mean the season has to be devoid of holiday cheer! The online interior design company Modsy just released a 2020 Holiday Home Trends Report, which is chock-full of interesting data insights, style trends, and more.

Consider this: 69% of Americans said they plan to go all out on holiday home decorations this year more than in past years, according to Modsy's survey of 2,000 people.

The top 5 states where people plan to channel their inner Clark Griswold and go overboard with holiday decorations this year are:

1. Illinois (71%)

2. Texas (70%)

3. Washington (69%)

4. Pennsylvania (69%)

5. Ohio (67%)

"It makes sense many people are putting extra effort into their holiday decor this year so they can make their homes a place of joy and delight since they'll be spending so much time there this season," says Alessandra Wood, VP of Style.

Some other holly jolly insights revealed in the survey report include:

• 31% said they’d be open to having a COVID-themed Christmas tree or holiday decor, just for kicks and giggles.

• 59% will place an increased emphasis on their house’s entryway to help maintain sanitary areas and act as a barrier between outside germs and the clean inside.

If decorating for the holidays feels like one more overwhelming thing on your to-do list, you can check out Modsy’s 2020 Holiday Decor Lookbook for some great ideas and inspiration.

And for anyone who might be feeling like a Scrooge this year, here are three simple yet impactful holiday decorating tips from Modsy’s VP of Style.

1. Make it uniquely yours this year. Try picking a new, unique theme for your tree or decor this year. If you use the same traditional decorations every year, perhaps consider embellishing them with a new color, theme, or out-of-the-box material, such as tulle or tinsel, to add a pop. Or maybe this is the year to make a classic popcorn garland! Plus, it will give you something fun to do with all that extra time spent at home due to COVID.

2. Work with what you’ve got. If space is too tight for a tree, get crafty and try hanging some ornaments in the living room windows using different length ribbons. Placing a wreath on your front door and stringing garland up around the entryway, arches, staircases, or mantles can also inspire your home’s festive atmosphere without using valuable space.

3. Create a focal holiday decor display the family can gather around. For many people, the focal decor point is the Christmas tree or fireplace mantle. But there are plenty of other creative places to design your main eye-catching holiday display. Make sure it’s somewhere with space for people to gather around, such as an amazing tablescape or tiny house village, since it will naturally draw the family together. You can create these moments in any multi-purpose space that’s highly visible, but the living room usually tends to be the best place.

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