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Swarm of Teens Take Over Highway

Something strange is happening on Connecticut's highways, home of some of the nation's worst bottlenecks -- but it's not congestion plaguing the locals. It's dozens of teenagers taking their bicycles onto the highway and taking over lanes of traffic because they think it's funny.

A video of the highly dangerous incident was shot Saturday and posted to the Facebook group On Scene Media New Haven Country, where an estimated crowd of 100 teenage boys started popping wheelies and played chicken with passing cars as they took over the two right lanes on I-91 Northbound, one of the state's busiest highways.

The couple who shot the video can be heard muttering in disbelief as the driver nervously asks if they should call police as some kids start standing on top of their bikes as other jokingly try to drive into some cars -- causing the vehicles to swerve.

It should be noted that amongst the bicyclists, a lone skateboarder can be seen hustling among the herd.

The video ends as the driver speeds up to distance herself from the pack of teens, only for one to swerve directly into their lane -- causing her to honk her horn while the teen apparently laughs like it's one big joke.

According to comments made by motorists who frequent the New Haven area, this isn't the first time the gaggle of teens have flooded the highway.

That's not all that the bicycle gang -- dubbed the Mommy's Angels -- did over the weekend; they also swarmed a main street in New Haven and began throwing objects at passing cars, nearly causing a collision.

It is unknown what local or state police are doing to investigate both incidents or if any arrests were made.

Here's hoping something is done about this before someone gets hurt.

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