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Top Dog & Cat Names of 2020

What a year!

The year 2020 will likely be remembered as the year of the pandemic. But it also brought thousands of new puppies and kittens into our homes, and as part of our families, as we looked to them for comfort and companionship.

Since the start of the pandemic, Trupanion has noticed an uptick in COVID-related pet names. Since March, people welcoming new pets in their home are giving them names to match the moment with names that include Corona, Rona, Covi, and even COVID. Pet owners have also given a nod of approval to Dr. Fauci as they have started naming their favorite furry friends, Fauci, a new trend since the start of the pandemic.

This prompted us to take a deeper dive into the most popular dog and cat names of 2020.

Trupanion, a leader in medical insurance for pets, surveyed it’s database of more than 530,000 dogs and cats for the top 50 dog names and the top 50 cat names of 2020.

The results are in:

Top 10 most popular dogs names of 2020

1) Bella 2) Charlie

3) Luna 4) Lucy 5) Max 6) Bailey 7) Daisy 8) Cooper 9) Molly 10) Lola

Top 10 most popular cat names of 2020

1) Luna 2) Bella 3) Oliver 4) Charlie 5) Lucy 6) Leo 7) Max 8) Milo 9) Lily 10) Simba

Top 11 – 50 most popular dog names of 2020

Buddy Sadie Maggie Coco Rocky Sophie Stella Chloe Teddy Milo Oliver Bentley Bear Lily Rosie

Tucker Harley Riley Ruby Zoey Penny Duke Toby Gracie Jack Winston Murphy Piper Mia Leo Roxy Louie Jax Ellie Zeus Abby Willow Ginger Nala Pepper

Top 11- 50 most popular cat names of 2020

Kitty Chloe Shadow Jack Loki Oreo Daisy Smokey Willow Molly Sophie Tiger Nala Oscar Mia

Gracie Jasper Tigger Lola Pepper Buddy Cleo Toby Coco Pumpkin Stella Kitten Simon Ginger George Rosie Lucky Gizmo Felix Callie Maggie Zoe Midnight Boots Rocky

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